How To change a pvc window handle

How To change a pvc window handle

How to change a pvc window handle

Window handles break or wear down all the time and if you have to call a trades man to replace a handle every time it breaks it can start to get expensive.

The first thing you need to do is find out what type of handle you must buy.

There are three main types of pvc window handles (Cockspur – Espage – Tilt/Turn).

Cockspur Handle : This type of handle was used on older pvc windows. It is still around today and can also be bought online. But first you need to know two things about this handle before you buy.
The first one is which hand the handle is on. Just look at the handle and if you open it with your left hand. Than it is a left hand cockspur handle you need.
The second is the height of the handle. The height is taken from the bottom of the handle to the bottom of the flap that catches your window (see image)This is know as the stack height. If you get a handle with the wrong height. Than it just won’t fit your window properly if it is to small it won’t fit your window and if it is to big it won’t close your sash properly.
To fit the new handle just unscrew the old one and put the new one on in the same position

Espage Handle : This is the most common handle used on pvc windows. These handles can be handed ether left or right and you also have universal this means it can do any side. If you are changing your handles you might want to get the universal handle. Because you can just order a few extra handles which will make it cheaper to buy and the spare one’s will do any of your windows. So the only thing you need to know now is the length of the bar which goes into the window. To find this you will have to unscrew the handle and take it of. To do this all you need is a screwdriver than unscrew the two screws holding the handle on. There might be a plastic cap covering one of the screws. If there is than just pick of the cap with the point of a knife. Once you have the handle of, just measure the length of the square bar also know as the spindle. If you can’t find a handle with the same size spindle than get one that is longer as you can cut the spindle with a hacksaw.
(VERY IMPORTANT) When you are fitting the new handle make sure you put it on in the same position as you took of the old one. Example if the old handle was in the open position when you took it of. Than put the new handle on in the same open position, or else the locking system inside the window won’t work.

Tilt/Turn Handle : This handle is fitted and measured the same as the espage handle above. The only deferent’s between this handle and the espage handle is that the tilt & turn handle is made in a different shape plus it is a stronger handle. Because this handle must be able to move a lot of hidden locking systems and be able to turn all the way up to the top. But when you fit this handle make sure you put it on in the same position as you took of the old one, same as the espage handle above.

Note : When buying new handles there are many types out there. Don’t just look for the cheapest one there. As there is a deference’s in the quality. If possible look for one with a two year guarantee as these would of being tested to past UK & European Standards.

Tip : If you buy chrome or brass handles be careful what you clean them with as some cleaning fluids will tarnish the handle. If you are not sure what cleaning fluid to use than just use a damp cloth.