How to change PVC Door Handles

How to change PVC Door Handles

There are many reasons why you would need to change your pvc door handle. The main one is of course is that the handle is broken.But maybe you just want a different colour or style of handle. Whatever the reason we all know it can be very expensive to call in a trade’s person to replace your pvc door handles. But now with our simple to follow guide below you will be able to change many different styles of handles.

First thing to know is that there are two main types of pvc door handles

One type is the Lever / Lever handle system – With this type of system you will need to lock your door with a key every time you go out.

The other type is the Lever / Pad System – With this type of system your door will lock once you close it, and you will need a key to open it.

The reason you need to know this information is because of the spindal that runs through the door (The spindle is a square bar that runs from one handle to the other. With the lever / lever system it is just a one solid bar.

BUT with the Lever / Pad System it has what’s called a split spindle and if you but it back in the wrong way around your door won’t work. The best way to avoid this is once you take of your old handles just mark which part was on the outside. Plus there may also be spring with these. Also make sure you put these back in around the spindle. These are to keep the spindle for falling out of place. Note: In some door the split spindle might be the same size inside and out. If this is the case it don’t matter if you get the sides mixed up.

Changing your door handles

Step 1 – Buying the right handle to replace the old ones. First thing to do is measure the distance from the center of the spindle to the center of the cylinder circle (seem image). If you get a handle which has a different distance it just wont fit. Also in a lot of cases you new handle might be a bit longer, that’s okay the worst thing you will have to do is just drill a new hole for the handle screws.

Door Handle Size

Step 2 – Unscrew the screws on the inside of the door handle. Than just pull your handle apart.

Step 3 – Just Just put you new handles straight on and screw them back up tight.

AND THAT’S IT – quite simple once you have done it. Plus just think of the money you have just saved yourself

Problems that you might come accross

Problem 1 – One of the main problems is the old screws just will not come out. You can just drill the head of the screw on the inside. and the handles will than pull apart. Or cut down through the handle with a hack saw so that you also cut the head of the screw of.

Problem 2 – You have the screws out but the handles still won’t come apart. More than likely there is a small hex nut holding the handle onto the spindle. Look closely at the handle and you should see the small nut. If there is none than it just means the spindle is just ceased onto the handle. If this is the case spray WD forty or similar product into the spindle if possible. Than tap the handles with a hammer. This will loosen what ever is holding the spindle to the handle.