Double or Triple Glazing Fogged up on the inside

Double or Triple Glazing Fogged up on the inside

Do you have trouble cleaning your double or triple glazing. Is there condensation on the inside of the unit.

Well if you have any type of moisture or dampness on the inside of your unit than that means your double glazing has broke down.

What happens is between the two pains of glass there is a space bar which keeps the glass separated and around this bar is a sealer. This sealer over time can lose it’s seal against the glass and let moisture in once this happens your unit is no more good and needs to be replaced. It may only be a tiny piece at first but it will slowly get worse until it is fogged up all the time.

To replace this unit is not a very big job and can be carried out by most people

If you are going to replace this unit yourself. Than you should take out the old one first just to make sure can do this once you have the unit out you will need three measurements. Width – Height – Thickness.

How to take out a double glazed unit.

First have a look at your window and see which side the beading is on.

If your beading is on the outside than you have external beaded windows. The first thing you need to do is remove the rubber gasket around the inside. Once you have this done you will than notice that the glass is now loose in the window. Than go to the outside and push the glass back. You will than be able to unclip the beading so your glass will come out. To put back in just do the same in reverse.

Below is a video showing how to take glass out of a internal glazed window

If your beading is on the inside than you have internal glazed windows. This means all glass comes out from the inside. To get the beading out you will need a knife or a paint scraper would be better. Pries the knife or scraper between the beading and window frame. Once you get the beading loosened you can than pull it out with your hand. Remove all beading and your glass will than fall in.

Below is image showing starting to come out

To replace the beading you will need a mallet, just line up the beading and tap back in with the mallet.

Below is image showing bead been tapped back in with the handle of a mallet

When ordering your unit you will be asked for the three measurements plus what type of glass you want. Older windows would just have float glass used to make the double glazing. But newer windows would also have a low-e glass fitted. This is a coating that is on the inside of the unit which reflects the heat back into the room. If you are not sure what type of glass you have. You can check by putting a white sheet of paper up against the glass on the inside. Than go outside and look at the paper if you have Low-e glass the paper will not be as white. Because the Low-e glass has a slight tint in it. If your sheet of paper is still looking the same than you only have float glass.

Below is video showing how to measure a double glazed unit

By replacing the glass yourself. Can save you a lot of money. But if it is a big double glazed unit you may be better of getting someone to do it for you, as double & triple glazing can be quite heavy. Than if you break it the job could end up costing you more than it should.

Also if the glass is situated in a door it will need to be toughened safety glass and will also need to be packed tight against the frame to stop any movement.

So if your glass is fogged up on the inside. There is only one thing you can do and that is replace it.

Below is a video showing how to take glass out in a external glazed pvc window