How to change PVC Door Handles

How To Fit pvc door handles

There are many reasons why you would need to change your pvc door handle. The main one is of course is that the handle is broken.But maybe you just want a different colour or style of handle. Whatever the reason we all know it can be very expensive to call in a trade’s person to replace your pvc door handles. But now with our simple to follow guide below you will be able to change many different styles of handles.

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How to Adjust uPVC Door Hinges

Adjusting uPVC Doors

Is your door dropped or sagging? Is your door catching at the top, side, or bottom of the door frame? Is it worse when the sun is shining or when it’s hot outside? You may need to readjust your door hinges. Proper door alignment not only allows the door to open and close smoothly but also prevents drafts and uneven wear and tear. You can realign your doors by adjusting the hinges. However, to determine how to adjust the hinges, you should first determine what is causing your door to be misaligned.

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